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APSMUSEUM Space Rendering


APSMUSEUM is a non-profit art space founded by Art Pioneer Studio and its founder, Ms. Robin Wong. With focuses on contemporary art, architecture, design, fashion, and other creative fields, the APSMUSEUM aims to discover, build, and integrate these areas of interest into a “space” of possibilities. The APSMUSEUM attempts to extend diverse public cultural spaces that bring together art, architecture, and design, a venue of cultural consumption of art and fashion, a psychological space that addresses man and social culture.

APSMUSEUM is located in the L+Mall of Lujiazui, Shanghai. The renowned Italian design firm, Stefano Boeri Achitetti, executes its interior design consisting of APSPACE for exhibition, APSTORE for art and design shop, and APSALON for meetings.

Through a series of exhibitions, international exchange programs, public programs, and publications, the APSMUSEUM will engage consumers in enjoying art and actively participating in art activities during their shopping experience. It hopes to increase interaction between the public and artists, designers, and architects, cultivate the public's interests in appreciating and participating in art, and provide more opportunities for young artists and designers to showcase their work, hence pushing forward the development of the local art scene.

APSMUSEUM will be inaugurated in Shanghai in November 2020.

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