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"Snowstorm" Exhibition Video

"Snowflake" Exhibition Video

Snowflake is a digitally programmed artwork specially provided by artist Mr. Xiang Zhenhua for APSMUSEUM, presenting a light-hearted chapter to passers-by on the stained glass windows of L+MALL this winter.

The images inside the screen can be mass produced and updated, week after week, new images are constantly being presented, and a certain regularity is still hidden under the massive amount of data information. The snowflakes in nature, on the other hand, are an intuitive state of disorder that cannot be captured, cannot be spied and cannot be controlled. The artist captures the image of a snowflake, simulating a relatively stable state with data of something that is supposed to disappear immediately. The "snowflake" resides in a fixed coordinate, and the viewer can be enveloped in the "snowflake" under the warm winter sun.

"This work with APSMUSEUM comes from my own experience in France. In Paris, churches can be found everywhere in the city. Although I am not a devotee, I often go inside when I pass by a church and love the solemn ambiance inside. If the time is just right, the sunlight will spill through the glass flower windows into the space, coloring the walls and floor, especially at Christmas, when the stained glass windows embellish the festive lively atmosphere. When viewing the L+MALL screen in person, I found it to be like a giant window. Combining my work on "pixel", I chose the element of the snowman from our common expressions and recreated a new movement element using computer algorithms. Snowflakes have thousands of forms, and when the audience faces this window, they see the snowflakes change, a snowflake comes to their eyes and disappears instantly."

--Xiang Zhenhua

Exhibition Scene, L+MALL Front Entrance Large Screen Presentation
Exhibition Scene, L+MALL Front Entrance Large Screen Presentation
Exhibition Scene, L+MALL Front Entrance Large Screen Presentation

Born in 1984, Chongqing, China, lives in France and Shanghai. In 2013, he received his MA degree (DNSAP) at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Studio Patrick Tosani & Studio Eric Poitevin ) in France. He graduated in 2010 from the Gobelins, L’Ecole de l’image in Paris, France. In 2006, he graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Department of Computer Science and New Media Art Design.