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APSMUSEUM, a non-profit art space founded by Art Pioneer Studio and its founder, Ms. Robin Wong, will be inaugurated in Shanghai in November 2020.

With focuses on contemporary art, architecture, design, fashion, and other creative fields, the APSMUSEUM aims to discover, build, and integrate these areas of interest into a “space” of possibilities. The APSMUSEUM attempts to extend diverse public cultural spaces that bring together art, architecture, and design, a venue of cultural consumption of art and fashion, a psychological space that addresses man and social culture.

APSMUSEUM Space Rendering
APSMUSEUM Space Rendering
Robin Wong

APSMUSEUM is located in the L+Mall of Lujiazui, Shanghai. The renowned Italian design firm, Stefano Boeri Achitetti, executes its interior design consisting of APSPACE for exhibition, APSTORE for art and design shop, and APSALON for meetings.

APSMUSEUM elevation
APSMUSEUM Space Rendering
APSALON Space Renderings
APSTORE Space Rendering

L+Mall is found at the Lujiazui CBD's prime location, at the heart of 44 office buildings, including the Shanghai Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Designed and planned by Benoy, a top international architecture firm, L+MALL is a sizeable commercial center with nearly 600 brands, restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues, and the only Lafayette flagship store in China. Found on the Lujiazui Center's third floor, APSMUSEUM aims to create an unconventional exhibition space that brings art and culture to a vibrant retail concept.


L+Mall is located at the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai, neighboring Shanghai Center, and Shanghai World Financial Center. Its more than 140,000 square meters of construction are divided into ten floors of retail space above ground and one underground. Situated at the "Golden Tip", L+Mall has become the new hub of Shanghai's financial center. Designed by the world's top architecture firm SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP), Benoy's international award-winning architecture firm has provided commercial space planning, interior design, and logo design for this sizeable mid-range and upscale shopping mall in the heart of Shanghai's financial district.

In 2019, L+Mall introduced the flagship store of Galeries Lafayette, which features nearly 600 brands from the world's major luxury brands and boutiques. It integrates diverse experiences such as dining, leisure and entertainment, crossover experiences, and art spaces.

Considering the commercial environment in which it operates and the many visitors of the shopping center, APSMUSEUM's primary aim is to become an art space that “differentiates” from other commercial venues in the shopping center. It aims to highlight its characteristic through compelling visual tension and provoke the curiosity of the visitors. Because of its location in a commercial environment like L+Mall, APSMUSEUM presents an excellent opportunity for potential visitors to engage with the exhibition.

Direct escalator to APSMUSEUM

Through a series of exhibitions, international exchange programs, public programs, and publications, the APSMUSEUM will engage consumers in enjoying art and actively participating in art activities during their shopping experience. It hopes to increase interaction between the public and artists, designers, and architects, cultivate the public's interests in appreciating and participating in art, and provide more opportunities for young artists and designers to showcase their work, hence pushing forward the development of the local art scene.