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Artist Gao Weigang uses comprehensive materials and digital media, present a beautified mixture of contemporary art and commercial art. Starting from the objective world, by using the visual experience of light and electricity, and mirrors, viewers will be connected to multidimensional space. Through sensory illusions, viewers will have a strong affirmation of objective and hence see the objective world subjectively. The ship in thunderstorms always voyages on the sea. Every loop means a rebirth. Time and space bond here over and over again. Artist Gao Weigang describes his immense and great vision of the future in this complex and rigorous structure. As the carrier of the artist’s sense, artworks present the artist’s aesthetic pursuit and artistic belief in a more visualized way.


Legend has it that if you want to become an immortal deity to experience 547 reincarnation times, each time a native life.
Broken body, immortal life. The moment of the ship out of the “water” symbolizes rebirth and reincarnation…
The work Jataka(2018) is a reflection on the dialectical relationship between rebirth and immortality.


In the keyboard and pen, these tiny symbols are as insignificant as the dust flying in the light, and it is difficult to link them with the essence of everything.

However, if it is revealed with an overwhelming gesture and figure, perhaps we will have a new reflection and respect for this objective world.

Inside the other space reflected by the mirror plate under our feet, does the objective world we are looking at get a suspicious reincarnation or a firm refutation?

“Destiny”, the winter exhibition of APSMUSEUM is co-hosted by Art Pioneer Studio and L+Mall. APSMUSEUM aims to discover, build, and integrate the interests of contemporary art, architecture, design, fashion, and other creative fields into a “space” of possibilities. Artist Gao Weigang’s art practice expands multidimensional space experimentally, replacing and recombining ordinary stuff in life on a structural level. This exhibition is meant to be a digital media art exhibition that jumps outside of the trajectory of times and stays jokey. APSMUSEUM will continue to increase interaction between the public and artists, cultivate the public’s interests in appreciating and participating in art, and close the gap between the public and modern art.

Gao Weigang, borned in Heilongjiang, China, now lives and works in Beijing, China.
Gao Weigang skillfully puts real stuff from life into imagery, or vise versa, and builds an appropriate visual or logical connection that makes his painting not limited to flat surface, but still follows the routine of appreciating paintings. He's works are characteristic of all his artistic explorations and creative approaches, using metaphysical strategies to deliberately make the viewer stray from the dual identity of "observer" and "participant", making him reflect on the relationship between himself and the image. He uses metaphysical strategies to deliberately make the viewer stray from the dual identity of "observer" and "participant," and to make him reflect on his relationship with the image.


2021, Destiny, APSMUSEUM, Shanghai, China
2020, Turn Round, TANK SHNAGHAI, Shanghai, China
2018, Orion, Qimu Space, Beijing, China
2017, 100000 Light Years, VNH Gallery, Paris, France
2015, Struggler, Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong, China
Return Journey, Shanghai Gallery of Art Site-specific Project at the Temple, Beijing, China
2014, Misconception, Espace Louis Vuitton, Singapore
2013, NO WAY!, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China
2012, Vice, Platform China, Beijing, China
Superstition, Taikang Space, Beijing, China
2011, Everything isn't Gonna be Alright, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China
Indisposed, Mini Gallery, Beijing, China
2009, Blind - Bee, Magician Space, Beijing, China
2008, Foreign Bodies, CAAW, Beijing, China

"β", Gao Weigang, 2018, Light installation
"The Land of Innocent", Gao Weigang, 2018,Oil painting on canvas
"Struggler", Gao Weigang, 2019, Corten, bronze
"Worldview", Gao Weigang, 2021, Mixed media