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Special thanks to Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association, The Architectural Society of Shanghai China, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Shanghai Xinhua Media Co.,LTD

"Ensemble Urbain" Exihibition Site
"Ensemble Urbain" Exihibition Site
"Ensemble Urbain" Exihibition Site
"Ensemble Urbain" Exihibition Site
"Ensemble Urbain" Exihibition Site
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM
"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM

The exhibition is led by the world-renowned architect and curator Stanfano Boeri, founder of Boeri Architects, as academic advisor. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors as well as the attention of official media and art journals with its bold and innovative artistic presentation, extreme light and shadow effects and profound meanings. The attended media include multiple government-run media groups, such as SMG, The Paper, Shanghai Daily, Wen Wei Po, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Morning Post, Eastday, etc, and subsidiary media of Modern Media, APS's strategic media partner, including The Art Newspaper, IDEAT, LEAP, and Time Architecture, and media that came to Shanghai for this exhibition, such as Wallpaper, Lifeweek, Hi Art, and ArtDBL, etc.

Video:"How It Flows On" Riverside Passage & APSMUSEUM

With the popularity of “How It Flows On" in Shanghai, "How It Flows On" came out of APSMUSEUM and Shanghai to the seaside of Aranya to generate more meaningful interpretations in different time and space scenarios.Yu Erge, the well-known choreographer and dancer, presented a dance performance One Place.

The artist Yu Erge interpret the dialogue between the body and the sky, earth and sea, in response to the theme of light and heavy in the works of How It Flows On, to create a contrast with the illusory floating characters in the animation, which may be often distant, but often closely related.

"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site
"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site
"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site
"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site
"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site
"Stained Glass" Exhibition Site

Different from previous exhibitions held by APSMUSEUM, this exhibition will be extended from the art space APSMUSEUM, located on the third floor of the shopping mall, to interior and exterior public space in L+ Mall. This marks the very first attempt to present a multi-sited art exhibition in the shopping mall.

"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site
"Destiny" Exhibition Site

APSMUSEUM aims to discover, build, and integrate the interests of contemporary art, architecture, design, fashion, and other creative fields into a “space” of possibilities. Artist Gao Weigang’s art practice expands multidimensional space experimentally, replacing and recombining ordinary stuff in life on a structural level.

Nine Forums

1 APSMUSEUM Opening Forum: A New Crossing of Time and Space
"A New Crossing of Time and Space". We discussions on data, consulting, civilization, present and future. Try to find a new beginning of civilization with everyone.

2 What do you want to know the most about contemporary art?

We received into four topics: criteria for judging contemporary art, on art practice, the relationship between art and the public, and the art market. The two guest speakers shared their experiences of working in the art industry with us and their responses to the questions.
On this occasion, we present a special screening of artist Qiu Anxiong’s animation film, New Classics of Mountains and Seas I.

3 Dance with light — What does James Turrell bring to the architecture?

Our guest speakers with their extensive practice in the field of architecture will discuss the influence of James Turrell’s works from both conceptual and practical perspectives.

4 Anish Kapoor: The Final Illusion

The discussion focused on the artworks of artist Anish Kapoor, and how they relate to art, architecture, and public space.
In the forum, guests discussed about the background of public art,"what is public art? who is doing it? For whom?".

5 APSMUSEUM forum "The Invention of Solitude"

The forum began with the title“The Invention of Solitude,”pointing out the stereotype associated with the “solitary” characteristic of artists.
By sharing the works of different periods by these artists, the space of the discussion moved from the daily studios of artists to the city of Shanghai and extended to the globe or even the outer space. Through these spaces, the guest speakers demonstrated multiple possibilities of space: it can be solitary, fertile, magical, ambiguous, explicit, or hidden….

6 The Opening Forum Of "How It Flows On"

At the press conference, we watched the speech by the exhibition's academic consultant Stefano Boeri.
Assistant curator, and guest speakers , and assistant curator. They all shared their experience and understanding of this exhibition from their own perspectives. Under the crossing of these two spaces, How It Flows On, the audience step into the overlap of the actual and virtual worlds and witness time in the awakening season, and immerse themselves into the ever-changing state of time.


APSMUSEUM invited INSTANCE , taking "images" as the starting point, explored the meaning of image as link in different contemporary contexts and fields. In two days of four conversations, we understand how images can work as language, and how language, which is itself called language, forms a link with images in contemporary contexts.

8 "How It Flows On"x Aranya

The forum revolved around the elements of architecture, art, music, poetry and dance incorporated in the exhibition "How It Flows On", combined with APSMUSEUM, Shanghai Yangpu Riverside Garden and Aranya's Lonely Library to start a dialogue between different fields. Discusses the interpretation of the exhibition across time and space
Yu Erge responded to the themes of light and heavy in the works of How It Flows On with a state of "flesh", which is often estranged and often close.

The composer Jin Wang shared with the audience how the music piece Dialogue was a new creative idea that originated from a technical problem in the real-time transmission of the exhibition. The music was written in the form of dialogue, and the performers could "talk" willingly.

9 Mind, Machine, Mirage: Living Amongst Robortics and Algorithms

Artist discuss the theme of the forum "Emotional Intelligence, Machines and Mirage: Living in Machine Devices and Algorithms". Host asked the guests about 'the Future of Humans and Robots' and the concept of 'meditation' in the works of artist Hu Jieming, and the guests also responsed thoughtfully.

Live Performance "The Clue"

Artist Zheng Limin to present a performance “The Clue” at the exhibition site of How It Flows On.
Inspired by the white thread curtain at APSMUSEUM, the performance was an assemble of actions related to self-examination and stimulation. Throughout the performance, the artist chose to use physical media and their combinations match the body, inspiring him to find the clue for himself.

APSMUSEUM 'Museum + School' Learning Program

APSMUSEUM collaborating with the Chinese and Foreign Museum Learning Research Center of East China Normal University, organized the opening ceremony of Chinese and Foreign 'Museum +' Project and the educational 'museum + school' workshop. They invited leaders from the art education department of the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Pudong New District Bureau of Education and Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development, along with primary and middle school teachers from Pudong, Yangpu, Jiading, Putuo, Huangpu and Qingpu Districts to participate.

APSMUSEUM advocates a multidisciplinary museum concept, encouraging teachers to use their own subject imagination and give exhibits more learning meaning. With the help of the "Museum+School" platform, the adaptability and mobility of museum education can be used to create a more novel and efficient future model for museum education in elementary and middle schools.





APSMUSEUM is pleased to present the ‘Urban Adventure Spatial Art Exhibition’ in collaboration with the Youth Boundless Creation Centre.The exhibition will feature renowned international and local contemporary artists, architects, designers, science fiction writers, and experts from a wide variety of disciplines, presenting a potpourri of art pieces in a setting of Shanghai’s unique Shikumen (“Stone Gate”) buildings. As such, the exhibition will not only create an urban adventure of art but also narrate the history and memories of Shanghai, offering visitors a journey through the passage of time embracing the heritage of the past, fulfillment of the present, and aspirations for the future.

City Forest focuses on human life and ecology. It infuses artworks that relate to animals, plants, and ecosystems, located mainly at the north entrance of THE INLET, and transforms the hasty urban life into a spiritual wonderland, combining an urban commercial environment and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

大象喷泉 Elephoutain
满地花 Full Of Flowers
异托邦迷航 Heterotopia Trek
时间瀑布Time Waterfall
耳机 Headphones
翻越 Hurdles

Amazing Maze attempts to explore the memories of Shanghaid the City’s past within our contemporary context. Private and public spatial arrangements overlap in Shikumen architecture, making this unique complex a porous maze with a temporal dimension filled with traces of past and present.

暖 Warmth
彩旗下的弄 Shanghai Alleys
我的花园 My Garden
颜色 Color
上海最后一个骑士 The Last Knight in Shanghai
恋人 拥 土地和爱 Figure des corps amoureux, Enlacement, Laterre et l'amour
三位一体 Trino
长尾骨的男人 A Man Who Has Coccyx

Next Heritage articulates the present and the future. THE INLET advocates a lifestyle that integrates aesthetics of technology, culture, art, the environment, and traveling. By showing the commercial exuberance of Shanghai, this section evokes the concern of pop culture, fashion, science, and life. By exploring advanced forms of art, Next Heritage offers a transient world that allows each creative soul to discover its own chromatic future.

握手 Handshake
艺术家:AATB (Andrea Anner & Thibault Brevet)
是谁,在哪儿,为什么 Who, Where, Why
逝者如斯 How it flows on
Cubic Light
一种需要-情调-2 The Kind Of Need - Exoticism - 2
Thanks to your support, we have submitted a satisfactory answer for 2021. In the New Year, APSMUSEUM invites you to participate in the new art practice with us, and continue the advanced journey of art together with a series of words and clues.