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2021.10.20 APSMUSEUM staff introduced 'Handshake' by AATB to visiting teachers

APSMUSEUM collaborating with the Chinese and Foreign Museum Learning Research Center of East China Normal University, organized the opening ceremony of Chinese and Foreign 'Museum +' Project and the educational 'museum + school' workshop. They invited leaders from the art education department of the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Pudong New District Bureau of Education and Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development, along with primary and middle school teachers from Pudong, Yangpu, Jiading, Putuo, Huangpu and Qingpu Districts to participate.

APSMUSEUM invited Hanxin Zhang, an art teacher from Qisehua Primary school, Youling Huang, who teaches Morality and Rule of Law from East Shanghai Experimental School, and Dou Ying, an information technology teacher from Shanghai Cosco Experimental school to share their educational design ideas on APSMUSEUM show STAINEDGLASS based on respective subjects.

2021.10.24 One of the guest speakers shared her educational design idea

Hanxin Zhang focused on primary school art. Under the theme of "color and association",she encourages students to learn and find the use of contrasting colors during the exhibition with APSMUSEUM's highly artistic and colorful exhibits.

Youling Huang shared the design of the ninth grade Morality and Rule of Law course based on the technological and artistic innovation in the context of the global epidemic, combined with museum exhibits. She selected two important aspects, "a community with a shared future for mankind" and "innovation to change lives". Through the technology used in the exhibits and the neo-human-robot interaction under the background of the epidemic, she guides students to analyze the reasons why China pays attention to the development of science and technology, and the necessity to join hands with other countries to tackle the challenge of the epidemic.

Based on the information technology, Dou Ying shared the museum education design framework of "textbook-based, site-cored, task-oriented, and effective classroom teaching". Through a variety of topic setting forms such as single-person hurdles, group cooperation, research topics, etc, she guides students to grasp the core exhibits of the museum, connect the knowledgepoints of proved information technology, and understand the content of algorithms, computing power, data and other disciplines while appreciating art.

2021.10.24 The sharing session for educational design ideas

APSMUSEUM advocates a multidisciplinary museum concept, encouraging teachers to use their own subject imagination and give exhibits more learning meaning. With the help of the "Museum+School" platform, the adaptability and mobility of museum education can be used to create a more novel and efficient future model for museum education in elementary and middle schools.