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Shanghai Pearl Villa Project

China Shanghai, 2018

Shanghai Pearl Villa is located at the heart of Zhangjiang Dongjiao in Pudong, directly facing the Dongjiao State Guest Hotel. Pearl Villa Community consists of 26 high-end single-family villas designed in six European architectural styles with a low floor area ratio. It is an artistic boutique villa project that focusing on promoting its single-family villas, with each worth hundreds of millions in market value.

Art Pioneer Studio (APS) was commissioned as the art consultant for one unit at Pearl Villa, and was entrusted to provide curation, design and budget plan for the owner. After reaching an initial agreement, Art Pioneer Studio (APS) successfully carried out the detailed procurement, customized production, transportation, and installation of all commissioned artworks.

For this project, Art Pioneer Studio (APS) invited Miao Tong, Tan Genxiong, Miyuki Takenaka, Miya Ando, Chok Yue Zan and other well-known artists at home and abroad to participate in creating an elegant artistic atmosphere for the high-end residential space.