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APSMUSEUM's exhibition How It Flows On - a large-scale immersive public interactive art installation created by architect Liu Yichun, artist Qiu Anxiong, and composer Jin Wang - will close at the end of this month. We invite you to come and enjoy this symphony of art during the last week.

Since its opening on April 22nd, the exhibition has first unfolded on both sides of Shanghai's Huangpu River, with APSMUSEUM at L+ Mall in the heart of Lujiazui, and the Riverside Passage on the Yangpu Riverside, representing two distinctly different time zones. Through the installation of real-time video transmission, the audience experiences the rhythm of time in different locations, savoring the vagaries of the world in a space where the old and the new complement each other and where the real and the imaginary are intertwined.

How It Flows On exhibition video
(APSMUSEUM & Riverside Passage)

Exhibition view at APSMUSEUM (Yangpu Riverside)
Sub-venue:Riverside Passage, Yangpu Riverside, Shanghai

Since June 25, How It Flows On has been touring from Shanghai Yangpu Riverside's the Riverside Passage to Aranya's Seashore Library. Visitors can still see the seascape of Aranya at APSMUSEUM, an art space located in the commercial center of Lujiazui, Shanghai, and feel a completely different rhythm from the city center.

In Aranya's touring exhibition, poetry is added to How It Flows On - poet Zhai Yongming's work Plankton appears on a screen of silhouette animation, with the verses floating as one touches them. At the touring forum event, guests and artists presented a perfect fusion of various art forms through dance, poetry recitation, and piano improvisation.

How It Flows On Aranya's event review

Exhibition view at APSMUSEUM (Aranya)
Sub-venue:Aranya's Seashore Library

The APSMUSEUM spring exhibition "How It Flows On" was opened at the same time as the "Riverside Passage" on the Yangpu Riverside by the Huangpu River and the APSMUSEUM in the center of Lujiazui. The centuries-old industrial remains of Yangpu Riverside and the hustle and bustle of Lujiazui are connected in an artistic way.


For this exhibition, APSMUSEUM is made into a surreal space.....The corridor and screen in APSMUSEUM form a physical echo with the long wall where the images of the "Riverside Passage" are shown in real time, and the mirror above the walkway brings out a sense of reflection on the water surface.

--Xinmin Evening News

Although art, music, and architecture tell their own stories, art is the ultimate vehicle.....The original intention of APSMUSEUM is also to let the artists in the "white box" be known to more people, and many of its practices are related to the field and cross-disciplinary cooperation. This time it also adds the interaction of technology and art.

--The Paper

The overlap of reality and the virtual creates an unfamiliar experience of the familiar everyday urban space, connecting the "Riverside Passage" in the physical world of the riverside with the virtual "Riverside Passage" constructed by the images in the exhibition hall, across time and space.

--The Lifeweek

Three greats join for Riverside installation.

--Shanghai Daily

A large-scale immersive public interactive art installation for architect, artist, and composer.

--Art Ifeng

This time, architect Yichun Liu, artist Anxiong Qiu, and composer Wang Jin still play their respective roles in their own areas of expertise, ultimately presenting the chemistry of each other's collision in a single interdisciplinary work, before the daily cityscape. Thus, this exhibition is not only "cross-border" or "interdisciplinary", but also a real "joint" creation.


APSMUSEUM is located on the third floor of L+Mall in the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai, a typical representative of the bustling city, where the possibilities of contemporary art crossing borders will be explored - even in the noisiest part of the city, there is still a place to experience pure art in peace.


The space inside APSMUSEUM is an abstract reconstruction of the Riverside Passage, and the vast river view is transmitted to the screen of APSMUSEUM in real time, forming a resonance between reality and the virtual.


Whether it is Yichun Liu's Riverside Passage, which was transformed from a coal dock, Qiu Anxiong's animation work, or Jin Wang's music work, they all span the "dialogue" between two different locations, APSMUSEUM and Riverside Passage, and revolve around the relationship between time and space: the transmission of images constitutes the visual connection between the two spaces, while the harmony of the two kinds of music becomes the connection of time.

--Hi Art

The linkage of two spaces, the overlap of reality and fiction, constructs two mirroring intertwined time and space.


From river to sea, different time and space, different stories, the concept of "How It Flows On" is no longer confined to specific images, but internalized into a deeper structural discourse, and through different opportunities, different dialogues are derived.

--Yi Zhu Yi Shi

Standing in Lujiazui, the center of the financial and consumer world, the Huangpu River or the Beidai River comes in with the flow of time, and stops abruptly on Qiu Anxiong's screen. People blink their eyes, think about where and when they are, and then walk out of the exhibition hall to rejoin the flow of people.


In this way, on the one hand, it opens up a new perspective for us to experience the city, and on the other hand, it triggers a reflection on the current state of life through the characters who are gradually losing grip of gravity.


Shanghai Daily
TANC x The Modern Weekly

In the three months the exhibition lasted, dozens of bloggers came to visit the exhibition, and the fervor never waned. The exhibition will end at the end of this month, and we invite you to come and enjoy this feast of art in the last week.