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On June 20th, APSMUSEUM will invite artist Zheng Limin to present a performance, The Clue, at the exhibition site of How It Flows On. The performance is inspired by the white thread curtain at APSMUSEUM. When people walk into the white thread curtain, there are countless kinds of projections. People can feel the division of space and the perception of time. The white thread flings as the wind blows, and people who stand below will realize, pathetically and poetically, that the puppet is oneself.

The white thread curtain at APSMUSEUM(video provided by the artist)

From the artist's point of view, each of us has an "outline", which is the external manifestation of our daily behavior. The outline instructs us on our daily necessity, traps us in our "comfort zone" and the place where we hide ourselves. On the other hand, we also have a "Clue (dark line)" which almost feels us a shadow to us. The "clue" hides beneath the "outline", and we float above it. Successful people integrate the two outline and the clue, while most people are trapped in their thoughts and anxiety. The clue does not wait for poeple; it always points to a finite distance. The clue has many names: subconscious, creativity, kundahlini, etc., or inexpressible.

The white thread curtain at APSMUSEUM(video provided by the artist)

The performance (not limited to a particular moment) is a process of exploring the clue of the artist. Zheng Limin finds that many physical media and their combinations will eventually be chosen to match the body. He tries to deliberately repeat, reinforce, and motivate at certain checkpoints. A depression is formed in the outline and points to or lands on the clue.

Zheng Limin believes that his body is always his most powerful language, even when it is tired, overwhelmed by emotions, stressed, disguised, or rigid...... The clue still lies deep inside.

ZHENG Limin, b.1992, used to work at Qingcaosha Réservoir and is now working at CHANGE DESIGN. He bases his practice on performances while seeking aid from other media. He has launched solo projects in Martin Goya Business, FU|KAN and MABSOCIETY/BANK. He collaborated with institutions including Power Station of Art, Rockbund Art Museum, OCAT Shanghai,, am Art Space, JNBYHOME, among others.