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In the afternoon of March 23, APSMUSEUM will invite sound therapy artist and meditation instructor Chai to lead us to immerse into the dreamlike light space, and to comprehend the pureness of our bodies and spirits through meditation. The topic of this meditation event is "slow", meaning an escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban space. "Slow" is not merely a delay in time or softness of sound, but a return to the inner world upon the perception of the external changes.

Himalaya Bowl Sound Therapy Event (provided by Chai)

As a non-profit art space in the city's commercial center, through the presentation of art and artists, APSMSEUM provides the shopping mall visitors with a spiritual experience that is different from the urban fast pace. In the current opening exhibition ENSEMBLE URBAIN, the emerging and fading lights, the fluid sculpture, the virtual and mythical images, and the irregular mirrors all break through the inertia of the city and make the visitors stop in this "slow" space.

詹姆斯·特瑞尔 (James Turrell) ,《梭伦,中型矩形玻璃》(Solon, Medium Rectangle Glass),2019
摄影:田方方 Photo by Tian Fangfang
詹姆斯·特瑞尔 (James Turrell) ,Aten Reign,2013

Chai said, "indeed, you do not need to seclude yourself in mountains and greens. In bustling cities, transforming your mind, you can also find our inner peace." We sincerely invite you to APSMUSEUM, in this hour-long meditation, to withdraw from the busy life, and to feel the spiritual comfort brought by "slow".

詹姆斯·特瑞尔 (James Turrell),《梭伦,中型矩形玻璃》(Solon, Medium Rectangle Glass),2019

Founder of sound therapy yoga, yoga instructor of Nike in Greater China region, renowned sound therapy artist, meditation instructor, instructor at Y+Yoga and other reputational yoga spaces, trainer of sound therapists, urban sound therapy advocate, SNR therapist, assistant instructor for qualification training for RYT Yoga Alliance, hot yoga instructor, organizer of the first Gong therapy concert in China.

Chai's team brings meditation and yoga to daily life. It frequently holds diverse meditation, yoga training, health management, and social welfare activities, and was invited by different global yoga events. It aims to promote "devotion and love", and a healthy stress-relief lifestyle, helping urbanites to seek the inner pure land among the fickles of urban life and to fully understand spiritual relaxation.