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APSMUSEUM's Opening Exhibition
Will be Closed on March 31
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APSMUSEUM was designed by the famous Italian architect Stefano Boeri, located at the L+Mall. Please follow us, through the space-tunnel-liked entrance, and feel the expansion of art in the urban space.

The "space tunnel" extending to the exhibition

“ENSEMBLE URBAIN” is an exhibition about city, time, space, and material, organized by the founder of Art Pioneer Studio, Robin Wong, and curated by artist Xu Zhen. The exhibition is presented by 15 prominent international artists—Anish Kapoor, Ding Yi, Mona Hatoum, He An, James Turrell, Li Hanwei, Lu Xinghua, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Qiu Anxiong, Shi Yong, Wang Jianwei, Wang Ziquan, XU ZHEN®, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhan Wang.

Exhibition View
Exhibition View
Exhibition View
Exhibition View
Exhibition View

The Exhibition has received numerous positive reviews, which has invited people to check-in and experience the works. Among them, Solon, Medium Rectangle Glass by James Turrell may still be available after this exhibition!

Photographer: Tian Fangfang

During the exhibition, APSMUSEUM has held five forums, setting off a lively series of discussions on art and the city, art and the public, art and architecture, contemporary art and its market, and art and the current environment.

The New Crossing of Time and Space
Editor-in-Chief of The Art Newspaper China, Ye Ying; participating artists Zhan Wang, Qiu Anxiong, Lu Xinghua

What Do You Want to Know the Most About Contemporary Art?
Head of Editorial and Marketing of Artsy China, Sonia Xie; participating artist Qiu Anxiong

What Does James Turrell Bring to the Architecture?
President and Chief Architect of ECADI, Zhang Junjie; Pace Gallery Partner, Leng Lin; Chinese partner and Chief Architect of SBA China, Xu Yibo; artist Hu Weiyi; architecture curator Mo Wanli

Anish Kapoor: The Final Illusion
Executive Director of OCAT Xi'an, Curator at SCOP, Karen Smith; Founder and Director of Sifang Art Museum, Lu Xun; Director of Lisson Gallery, David Tung; architect Daniel Statham

The Invention of Solitude
Curator and critic Sun Qidong, participating artists Shi Yong, Yang Zhenzhong, artist Alice Chen

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