art pioneer studio art in progress...

Dedicated to trailblazing a new field that will bring together contemporary art, architecture, design, and fashion, this inaugural exhibition - organized by the founder of Art Pioneer Studio, Robin Wong, and curated by artist Xu Zhen - invites the participation of 15 acclaimed artists from China and oversea, including, Anish Kapoor, Ding Yi, Mona Hatoum, He An, James Turrell, Li Hanwei, Lu Xinghua, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Qiu Anxiong, Shi Yong, Wang Jiangwei, Wang Ziquan, XU ZHEN®, Yang Zhenzhong, and Zhan Wang.

The city binds the works of the past, the contemporary, and the future. It's more a system that operates the lives of the urbanites, but a collective work of many generations; it's not a written book, but one that's being re-read and re-written. The new urban dwellers who have just arrived are inventing new features and forms of the city and transforming it into their works. Every city is a work of art created by generations of people living there, while the new city has also been "on exhibit" in each generation's works.

Contemporary art has afforded the city a compound structure to encompass time, space, bodies, and desires. It can transform a product of space into an artwork about space, transforming urban dwellers from product consumers to creators of their own artworks. Contemporary art supports new urbanites:

· To realize one’s experience in the city over a period of time into a work of art;
· To present one’s artwork in one’s city;
· To transform the city into one’s artwork;
· To present the city in one’s artwork.

Contemporary art integrates the spaces of everyday living, architecture, design, the fashion of a city into the "gesamtkunstwerk” of art and discovers new capacities for surviving the Anthropocenic city of a new festival of commonality.

In an era where new works are being created, APSMUSEUM aims to unite artists, architects, designers, and all talents in the creative disciplines to stimulate new desires and wisdom in the city and show the public other possible tracks of life beyond work and leisure. We devote to adopting a hybrid and integral approach for urban practice, exploring spatial issues, and opening up new possibilities for urban spaces. In doing so, we aim to foster a pollinating economy that would bring together contemporary art, architecture, design, and fashion beyond the art institutions and social practice and engendering the ethic of stems in the new urban society, where its components, intrigue, share, contribute, empower and reciprocate with one another.

As the anthropologist and sociologist, Georges Bataille has put it, an art space is the lungs of the metropolis, and the masses that poured in are the blood that stimulates the city. By amplifying, fermenting, cataloging works of art and their relationships with their viewers, an art space in the city introduces fresh oxygen and provides a profound grammar for urban space planning and the development for organizing urban life.